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Loan Modification

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Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? Do banks and lenders turn you down for a refinance? Are you in a negative equity position? Is foreclosure a concern? Have you recently become unemployed? Are you concerned about your future and the home of your family? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are here to help. Depending on your individual situation, Loan Modification may be the best solution.

Loan Modification Experts are here to help people save their homes during times of hardship. There are many programs available and the Loan Mod Experts educate homeowners about their options. We offer superior service, a wealth of knowledge, and a commitment to homeowners throughout the United States. Contact us for the best in Loan Modification Services including:

  • Resolution of Delinquency
  • Decreased Interest Rate
  • Reduced Payment
  • Reduced Principal
  • Conversion to Fixed Rate
  • Peace of Mind
  • Extended Terms
  • Deferred Payments
  • Re-Amortized Loans
  • Protection from Foreclosure

This is a consumer-oriented website with a mission to help homeowners save their homes. The goal is to help people secure more affordable mortgage loans, better terms, lower payments and increased security. Loan modification can be complicated and confusing. It pays to have a partner, a Loan Modification Expert that can help you understand the various programs for retaining home ownership. We can help you decide whether you qualify for a loan modification, the effect on your monthly expenses, and whether another loan product might be best for your situation. You might consider other options such as refinancing or short sale of the property.

Through a comprehensive and free consultation, one of our Loan Modification Specialists will review your personal situation. Together, we will review your mortgage, your employment situation, and identify any hardships that may be limiting your ability to pay your mortgage. As part of your initial conversation, the loan mod expert will ask you key questions to determine if you a good candidate for a loan modification.

Based on your situation, your specialist will determine if you qualify for a loan modification and what you can expect from the loan modification process. The professional will walk you through the application process, collecting financial information, and documenting any hardships. If the application is successful, Loan Modification Experts will work with a lender towards a successful new mortgage for you and your family.

It all starts with completing the contact form on this website. Provide us with the basic information we need and we will be in touch within three business days. Your representative will provide a checklist of documents needed, and an example hardship letter. After you have sent the documentation along with payment for our services, sit back and relax. Let us help you secure a loan modification and stay in your home!

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